Business Insurance

Business Insurance

*What is business insurance?

Business insurance can be broadly divided into BOP (Business Owner’s Package) and CPP (Commercial Property Package)

BOP (Business Owners Package)
BOP is a product for small businesses and is made up of commercial property insurance and general liability, which is necessary for business operations. Retail stores, wholesale warehouses, offices, and businesses in the IT industry fall under this category and make up around 90% of businesses in the United States.

CPP (Commercial Property Package)
CPP is an optional customized insurance product that allows you to add or omit various options. This product is mainly for larger businesses such as manufacturing warehouses, hotel/motels, shopping centers, and banks.

What does it cover?

General Liability

General Liability coverage protects the business owner from liability if the business owner or employee’s negligence causes harm to a customer or their property. This includes accidents caused by a problems with the maintenance of the business site, problems with products sold, and accidents during a project provided by the business owner.

Property Coverage

Property coverage is insurance for a business’ building or its contents in case of damages caused by fire, lightning, explosions, rainstorms, hail, smoke, car or plane crashes, riots, and theft. However, theft coverage might not be included in the policy so it is always good to confirm with your insurance carrier regarding this coverage.

Loss of Income

When a business suffers and accident such as a fire, natural disaster, and theft, normal operation of the business becomes difficult and, consequently, the net profit of the business suffers. Loss of income is a coverage that compensates for the loss of income and expenses necessary for normal operations including employee payroll.

*What is the deductible for business insurance?

There are deductibles for business insurance that the insured is responsible for.

In case of property damage, the insured pays an amount out of pocket and the insurance carrier will cover the rest. This is called a deductible.

What's the business insurance coverage?

Liquor Store
Coffee Shop
General Office
Car Body Shop

Small businesses such as liquor stores, markets, hotels, car body shops, apartment buildings, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, wholesale and retail stores, commercial buildings, manufacturers, importers, etc. are covered by business insurance from Mid-Size.

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