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SERVICES(commercial insurance)

Commercial Insurance

Get covered for business from small to mid‐size businesses such as liquor stores, markets, hotels, auto body shops, apartment buildings, cafés, restaurants, offices, whole sale and retail shores, commercial buildings, manufacturers, importers, and etc… 
Professional Business Commercial insurance

Worker’s Compensation

Get coverage for your employees for your liquor store, market, hotel, café, restaurant, manufacturer, importer, wholesale/retail store, and etc…


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Dae Won Insurance Services always puts you first!

With our agents’ knowledge and experience in the insurance field, we guarantee competitive pricing and to help you save on your policy premium. Compare any of your insurance policies with Dae Won Insurance Services today!


Life Insurance

Life insurance is not only meant to cover you in case of sickness, but it can also be put in place as an annuity. 

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Discount Program

  • 3+ years of driving experience and a good driving record
  • 5 50+ years old and a good driving record
  • International students and those with driving experience in Korea
  • Teenage drivers’ program

Commercial insurance for contractors or businesses are also available!

Home Insurance

There are various types of home insurance such as Homeowner’s Insurance, Condo Insurance, Dwelling Fire (for rental properties), and insurance for vacation homes. Home insurance is mean to cover your property in case of a fire and natural disasters.


( AUTO + home ) insurance

There are programs for those who purchase auto and home insurance at the same time and bundle the two policies.

Dae Won Insurance Services is here to help you protect your property and save on home insurance.


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